What is NPM?

Node Package Manager (npm) is one of the several package managers (default for Node.js) for JavaScript released in 2010. It is used to manage dependencies for packages. npm  consists of:  The npm’s website makes it possible to find third-party packages, […]

An Update on Standalone Components

(and directives and pipes!) Photo by Johannes Plenio from Pexels A few months ago we posted the first RFC related to a project known as “standalone components”. This project has an ambitious goal: to reduce boilerplate and make Angular easier to use […]

Meteor.js with React and Tailwind CSS 3

We all know that Meteor is a super productive JS framework that allows us to create full-stack projects. React.js is a widely used UI library for building web apps. And Tailwind is a CSS framework for building modern websites and […]

NoSQL Injection in the accounts-2fa package

A security bug affecting the newest core package, accounts-2fa, requires your attention. Meteor developers already using this package should be aware of a recently discovered security vulnerability. This only applies to apps that used the package with Meteor 2.7, and […]

Creating a Laravel Project

Laravel architectureLaravel historyThe Pros of LaravelThe Cons of LaravelGetting started with your own Laravel projectLaravel for backendBuilding Laravel Projects with TemplatesBuilding Laravel Projects with Flatlogic Laravel is a PHP-based backend framework. It follows the Model-View-Controller design pattern which explains many […]

React v18.0

React 18 is now available on npm! In our last post, we shared step-by-step instructions for upgrading your app to React 18. In this post, we’ll give an overview of what’s new in React 18, and what it means for […]

Meteor Monthly Update — March 2022

Meteor Monthly Update — March 2022 Meteor Monthly Update Blog Series — March 2022. With the first quarter of the year coming to a close, the second quarter of 2022 looks even more exciting than the last! In particular, we will have more announcements regarding Meteor.js, […]

Using 2FA in your Meteor app

Meteor just released a new package that makes your life easier when you need to provide a 2FA system to your users on your Meteor app. The package is called accounts-2fa and right now, it’s integrated with accounts-password and accounts-passwordless. With […]

Meteor 2.7 and the new 2FA package

Introducing the new accounts-2fa package, TailwindCSS 3.x support, and more! Right after the 2.7 release, we got some feedback from the community, and we have released 2.7.1 already! We have fixed two main issues, an error when using Tailwind CSS on […]