Vue Material Admin Update

Right after we have updated React Material Admin we also do the same with Vue Material Admin. What products are affected by the update? The update was released on 3 products: Vue Material Admin FullVue Material Template Node.jsVue Material Laravel […]

Meteor Monthly Update — May 2022

Meteor Monthly Update — May 2022 Read about updates and announcements that happened in May and upcoming news about Meteor! Introduction It seems like the months are just flying by because May has come to an end and now we’re in the month of […]

Next.js vs React: Which One to Choose for Your App?

The burning question today is What’s better: React or Next.js? Let’s have a look closely at both, compare them and see the difference between library and framework. In the React world, Next.js is one of the most popular frameworks for […]

New Meteor 2.7.3 and a new patch release for 2.5

Hello, everyone. Meteor 2.7.3 brings updates on Node to 14.19.3, which introduced security updates. You can see the changelogs here and here for more details. As Meteor introduced Node 14 on 2.3, and there aren’t significant breaking changes between 2.3 […]

Angular v14 is now available!

photo by Emma Twersky We are excited to announce the release of Angular v14! From typed forms and standalone components to new primitives in the Angular CDK (component dev kit), we’re excited to share how each feature makes Angular more powerful. […]

React Material Admin Full Update

As Material UI and React continue to grow and develop it has become clear that React Material Admin can’t live with the outdated versions of those libraries. What products are affected by the update? Currently, the updates were released on […]