New Feature Request Process

Among the most significant advantages of working on a popular open codebase is the constant feedback stream in all forms, including GitHub issues and pull requests. Over the past 6 months, our team did a lot of work triaging over […]

Build more accessible Angular apps

During #GoogleIO2021, we released a new Angular codelab focused on accessibility. In this post we’ll walk through ten tools for building more accessible applications, then head to the codelab for hands-on practice exercising these skills. Build more accessible Angular apps Accessibility is […]

Improving Angular Component’s accessibility

If you’ve looked at the Angular roadmap recently, you’d see that one of the major focuses of the Components team this year is accessibility. The outcome is better, more accessible components. This work will all come with no change required […]

Angular v13 is now Available

photo by Minko Gechev We’re back with the brand new release of Angular v13 to share with all of you! This latest release brings all sorts of updates and features to help your teams build great apps. Get Angular v13 now by […]

The [New] State of CSS in Angular

It’s been a few years since we last covered CSS on this blog — and a lot has happened since then! In this post, we’ll take a look at new web features that impact how we define styling in our Angular applications. Using […]

Thank you, Angular

Photo by Igor Minar Looking back… I remember it as if it happened just yesterday. A string of semi-random events led me to meet Miško in 2009. Our meeting was followed by this email exchange: On Jul 31, 2009, at 4:47 […]

How the Angular Compiler Works

The Angular Compiler (which we call ngc) is the tool used to compile Angular applications and libraries. ngc is built on the TypeScript compiler (called tsc) and extends the process of compiling TypeScript code to add additional code generation related […]

Angular 2021 Recap and 2022 Preview

Happy New Year! 2021 was a difficult year for everyone around the globe but as a community we’ve managed to stick together and continue to move Angular forward. Let’s take a quick review of some things that happened in 2021 and […]

Typed Forms: The RFC Is Here

For five years, strong types in the Forms package have been a top feature request. Issue (#13721) is the most popular issue of all time on the Angular repo. Many contributors have attempted to implement it over the years. We’re proud […]