Hear how Meteor powers Sessionwire, a live music and audio collaboration platform used by over 15k remote creators and producers, in this case study now.

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What happens when a music maker wants to collaborate live with band-mates, producers, and talent who live elsewhere?

They could pick a time to meet up in person, but then they’d have to travel at great expense and schedule complex recording sessions just to capture those special moments on record.

The other option is to record solo and share later, yet that doesn’t evoke the same magic a live recording environment conjures. Not to mention how frustrating it is to cobble together technology to make this happen when all you want to do is make music.

That’s why Sessionwire hits all the right notes.

Their platform was designed from the ground up to make live, online music production simple. Sessionwire provides communications tools to help creators connect and collaborate using live video, voice, and studio-quality audio right in their favourite recording software.

And Meteor has been with Sessionwire every step of the way!

Meet Sessionwire, The All-In-One Music Creator’s Tool To Collaborate Live From Anywhere

Sessionwire was built for musicians, by musicians.

The Vancouver-based team set out to design the dream solution for musicians and producers: an all-in-one platform that would make it possible to recreate the feeling of vibing in the recording studio while physically being apart.

[image source]“At Sessionwire, our goal has always been to remove the barrier to musical creativity over long distances.”

And that’s exactly what they did.

Now, talent is only a click away. Their global online platform connects music makers and their music-making software in a live, studio-like recording environment for killer collaboration.

Creatives can record a song on their laptop, collaborate with other musicians remotely as though they were in the room, and then hang out virtually with a mix engineer online to complete the track.

So How Does Sessionwire Work?

The Sessionwire application is a cross-platform app that facilitates collaboration over the internet.

Professional features include video chat, AAX, AU, and VST send and receive plugins. There’s also a separate studio-style talkback system, encrypted file transfer, and two-way live audio streaming between macOS or PC recording applications.

Combining a video stream with a talkback audio stream and high-quality audio stream allows creatives to feel as if they’re in the studio looking through the glass when connected to producers, beatmakers, topliners, studio musicians, songwriters, mixing and mastering engineers, and more.

“Collaboration instead of isolation”

People are craving human interaction. Sessionwire’s interactive app uses video and peer-to-peer audio recording to bring talent together despite living miles apart.

Sessionwire provides ultra-low-latency, bi-directional, studio-quality live audio over the internet so they can work together regardless of geographical location.

Achieving Sessionwire’s Goal Was No Small Feat

Sessionwire is chock full of features music makers dig. Their all-star team developed features such as:

A high-quality audio stream for streaming audio from one DAW to another across the internet.Talkback audio stream with echo cancellation and noise suppression.High-quality encoded video stream.High-resolution screen sharing.In-app, persistent chat.Picture in Picture Mode. Users can pop out their peer’s video and minimize the Sessionwire application window.Sessionview URL Link Generator. Creators can have their peers, clients, or producers drop in on a session by simply sending a URL they can open in a web browser.Drag and Drop File Transfer. Simply drop a file on your peer’s face to send it to them through Sessionwire Studio.Built-in automute. When streaming audio to your peer via the Sessionwire Send plugin, Sessionwire can automatically mute the outbound and incoming talkback audio. Users and their peers can listen to what’s happening in their DAW without using headphones to minimize bleed.

The Sessionwire team knocked out those features and has been steadily overcoming challenges like orchestrating call signaling across multiple containers, establishing rock-solid DDP connectivity, and state management across several app domains.

Sessionware’s Tech Stack + Why They Build With Meteor

Meteor is a full-stack JavaScript App Platform that assembles all the pieces you need to build modern web, desktop, and mobile apps with a single JavaScript codebase.

Sessionwire started from scratch with Meteor back in 2015 to build their minimum viable product (MVP). Now the team combines native audio plugins, macOS and Windows Electron apps, and a community web app built on Meteor.

[image source]“We love the ease of developing new product ideas quickly with Meteor and iterating as we learn.”

Here’s what the current Sessionwire tech stack looks like:


All these puzzle pieces align to provide a reactive, creative ecosystem for producing live music online.

Sessionwire is successfully scaling and launching new services for their astounding 15k-and-growing-fast member community. According to their team, “using Galaxy has been an amazing time saver” when it comes to scaling.

What’s Next for Sessionwire

Sessionwire has been raking in accolades from NBC, ABC, CBS, The Verge, Mix magazine, and more. Their users have worked with Grammy-award-winning artists and some of the biggest names in the music industry.

These achievements are pushing the Sessionwire team to score even greater wins with Meteor.

“Meteor is such a great way for entrepreneurs wanting to create cool products quickly.”

They’re working on a “huge upgrade” for their muli-caller platform Sessionview. And they’re launching their first B2B venture to provide live music chat to a third-party marketplace (SoundBetter.com).

The Sessionwire gurus say they’d “love to hear from like-minded devs” interested in this space, as they have big plans for a few other innovations, including some potentially open-source ventures.

Get in touch with the Sessionwire team here!

So How Can Meteor Empower Your Team?

The Sessionwire crew “would love to see more Meteor on the web.” So what can Meteor help your team accomplish?

Developed for over a decade and trusted by industry giants, Meteor is a mature open-source framework that allows you to build and scale efficiently so you can serve millions of users.

Your team can create full-stack Javascript apps with Meteor and popular front-end frameworks like Vue, Svelte, React, or Blaze, then deploy in just a few hours!

See why more than 500k developers from all over the world are building smarter with Meteor now.

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