We are introducing a new Tailwind skeleton and more! You can check everything in our changelog.

Tailwind Skeleton

Now you can create a new Meteor project with React and Tailwind already set up just by providing the flag –taildwind in the create command: meteor create –tailwind mybeautyfullapp.

Your app will look like this:

Update meteor-node-stubs

If you’re using meteor-node-stubs in version 1.2.1, you may want to update it to the latest version as we downgraded the version of some packages to keep them compatible with IE.

meteor npm install [email protected]

Creating Mongo indexes

If there is an issue in creating a new index, Meteor will check if it is an issue with the changed options of the said index. If it is, it will re-create the index. If not, an improved error will be thrown to provide the collection and name of the index where there is a failure, so it is easier to locate the problem.

Also, for cases where you can afford to rebuild indexes or the change affects too many indexes, you can set the reCreateIndexOnOptionMismatch
to true in your settings.json.

Please, read more about this new option and how to use it here.

If you missed our last update about 2.7 and 2.7.1, check them out here!

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