Meteor Monthly Update — May 2022

Read about updates and announcements that happened in May and upcoming news about Meteor!


It seems like the months are just flying by because May has come to an end and now we’re in the month of June! Let’s discuss a few Meteor updates and announcements for the month of May. In the previous blog post, we talked about a new Meteor and Blaze version, a few cool Meteor tools, and of course, new things coming to Meteor.

We have a lot of exciting things coming up this month but let’s start off with an overview of what happened in the month of May!

May 2022

Here’s a rundown of what happened in Meteor over the month of May. We’ve been working hard to offer you new Meteor upgrades and features. Of course, we’d want to thank all of our donors for their help. 🙏

Meteor 2.7.2

The Meteor 2.7.2 patch update includes a new Tailwind skeleton and meteor-node-stubs update.

Also, if there is an issue in creating a new Mongo index, Meteor will check if it is an issue with the changed options of the said index. You can find more details about it here.

Our very own Denilson Silva also wrote an article about these highlights which you can read here.

For full technical details on this particular release, click this link to access our Meteor changelog.

Meteor Ambassador Program

As you may or may not have seen, we recently launched our own ambassador program and had an overwhelming response! We would like to extend our gratitude once again to those who submitted an application.

With that being said, we want to congratulate those who have been selected to become an ambassador for this quarter! To those who were not selected, don’t fret! You will still have the chance to apply for the next quarter.

If you’re wondering how you can increase your chances, you can create Meteor-related content, contribute to our open-source side, or engage with other developers. We wish you the best and good luck!

Meteor University: Meteor 101 Section 2

Our newest section of the Meteor 101 Fundamentals course has arrived! You can finally continue your learning with us through our free course. In this section, you’ll learn all about MongoDB Collections and Schemas.

Thank you all for your patience and we really do hope you enjoy this new section!

If you’re ever stuck or have questions, you can always email us at [email protected].

Meteor Toolbox

Meteor developers Matheus Castro and Renan Castro have created a new VS code extension called, Meteor Toolbox!

This extension enables IntelliSense for Meteor core, added packages and custom packages. It also adds launch configurations for the browser (run/debug).

The packages watcher is inspired by meteor-package-IntelliSense. You can install it by clicking here.

Thank you, Matheus and Renan for creating such an awesome tool! 🙏


Meteor Cloud UI

We have done some work on our UI on Meteor Cloud to give our users a better experience. Also, we moved the “Next Auto Deploy Settings” field from the Versions tab to the Settings tab. A detailed explanation with screenshots is located in our documentation.

Fasal case study

Our latest case study features Fasal, an AI-powered solution for farmers anchored on an IoT platform. It provides farmers with farm-level, crop-specific, and crop stage-specific actionable intelligence.

Fasal created an IoT sensor device called Fasal Sense that monitors each farm and collects data 24/7. Farmers then use the Fasal App (built with Meteor) to access that data.

Meteor being hybrid in nature allowed the Fasal team to code once and deployed in multiple environments.

You can read the full story by clicking here.

Evangelizing Meteor

Meteor is continuing to grow and we would be honoured if you could support our growth by spreading the good news about Meteor.

If you love all things Meteor, now is your chance to shine! Alim Gafar, has created a list of conferences with open calls for presentations.

You can click here to view the full list. Thank you for your endless support! 🙌

New hires

We have two new hires for the month of May which include Alim Gafar and Jessa Magtalas!

Alim is our Vice President of Strategy and Community Growth at Meteor! 👋

He is one of the original four Meteor Fellows from Meteor Development Group, eight years organizing Meteor NYC, and the main organizer for Meteor Camp, the first international Meteor conference that was held at the United Nations in NYC.

He was also a former MongoDB Developer Advocate, responsible for all US meetups, and internal advocate recruitment, and worked with the team on the MongoDB World conference.

Jessa, on the other hand, is our new marketing specialist at Meteor! ☄️

Jessa is a marketing professional and a self-taught graphic designer. She has experience working in direct selling, eCommerce, and digital marketing services. She also studied Information Technology and majored in Web Applications Programming.

Her background in developing and implementing marketing campaign strategies for businesses and brands through social media and eCommerce platforms to increase market penetration and awareness of the products and services she manages.

Coming Soon ⏳

That was essentially an overview of all the key events and developments that occurred in May. We have more huge things planned for the month of June, so keep a lookout for these announcements. Thank you to everyone who continues to support Meteor! You can learn about a few new projects that will be coming to Meteor soon.

We’re Hiring

We have some great news to share which is we’re expanding our team once again! This time, we’re looking for a software engineer (mid-senior level) to help us build and evolve the Meteor framework with features that make it easier for developers to build their web, mobile, and desktop applications.

If you’re interested in applying, you can click here to do so. You can also forward this link to a colleague, friend, or family member who might be interested.

Meteor Shop

We’re getting one step closer to launching our first collection at our Meteor shop. You’ll be able to grab some sweet Meteor gear soon!

Follow us on our social media accounts for more updates about our online store.

NFT Marketplace

Calling all Web3 and crypto enthusiasts! We’re finishing up our NFT marketplace which is built with Meteor. Once it’s finished, you’ll be able to access it because it will be open-source. Who said Meteor was no longer relevant? 😎

You’ll just have to wait a little bit longer for the final product but be prepared to have your mind blown! 🤯

That’s all there is to it! We hope you enjoyed this post and we hope to see you again in the upcoming Meteor Monthly Update. If you have any questions, problems, or remarks, please leave them in the comments. Happy coding! 💻

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