Hello, everyone. Meteor 2.7.3 brings updates on Node to 14.19.3, which introduced security updates. You can see the changelogs here and here for more details. As Meteor introduced Node 14 on 2.3, and there aren’t significant breaking changes between 2.3 and 2.5, we’ve released the new patch 2.5.7.

In version 2.6, we added support for MongoDB 5.0, which brought a new API that may have caused breaking changes in your application if your code uses rawCollection or interacts directly with the MongoDB driver. So, if your app is still below version 2.6, you can now update it to 2.5.7 and take advantage of the Node update. Npm was also updated to version 6.14.17.

This update wasn’t the only thing on this new release. You can check everything in our changelog. Below you can see some of the highlights.

Making client smaller

The @babel/runtime’s package.json file is over 25kb. The meteor package imported it onto both the server and client to show a message when it needs to be updated. As this message is unnecessarily duplicated, we removed it from the client. Without the message, we don’t need to import babel to the client anymore, consequently reducing client size.

Adjusting accounts-passwordless package

You can request a login token by calling the function requestLoginTokenForUser. However, depending on the provided email format, the token may not be sent, and if that happens, no warning is thrown. This behavior doesn’t happen anymore. Now we make sure the email is case insensitive when comparing it on the server, and if for some reason no token is sent, a warning will be thrown.

If you missed our last update about 2.7.2, check it out here!

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